Bulk-storage capacity: DomeSilo stores more on smaller footprint

For bulk storage to be a lucrative business, companies have to find ways to get the biggest bang for their buck. And when it comes to property, that means using every square foot of real estate efficiently.

This is especially true for waterfront property. Oftentimes companies that buy land on a port have limited space availability, requiring them to make decisions on how to get the storage they need on a smaller parcel of land.

domesilo portside

“If a port does not have height restrictions, which some do, the most efficient thing is to go vertical instead of horizontal, so domes or silos fit that,” Dome Technology sales manager Lane Roberts said, adding that these types of storage can store up to three times the product as a warehouse with the same footprint.

Because of its strength and height, a DomeSilo allows companies to stack product deeper, taking up less property at the site. In this taller version of a dome, the vertical DomeSilo wall lends itself to the ability to build up, rather than out, and the dome’s double curvature and construction materials provide strength at all points of the structure, even at the dome apex. The entire interior of a dome, then, can be used to contain product. Read more about our DomeSilos’ capacity here.