Dome Technology can design any type of electrical system needed on a project site—monitoring equipment, reclaiming equipment, lighting for the site, lighting for the walkways, conveyors, dust-handling systems, and more.

To get a project started, a local power provider brings electricity from power lines to a transformer, and from that point, one of our engineers brings power into an electrical room or similar sort of distribution center. Meanwhile, plans are drafted in-office for electrical systems that’ll control and monitor lighting and machines housed inside and outside the structure. Upon installation, an on-site operator—someone from the customer’s company—is trained on how the systems work.

More and more often, our engineers design systems that run on a programmable logic control, a complex computer-and-sensor system that ensures operations run in the correct sequence—Conveyor A before Conveyor B, for instance—and detects when things go awry. If there’s an error, the system shuts down automatically until the operator resolves the problem and restarts the system—no waiting for a human being to tell it to shut down.

This kind of engineering eliminates much of the potential for human error and relieves the burden on site operators and customers alike.