Sugar—no room for error

For a product so sweet, there’s little flexibility when it comes to storage conditions and sugar. Constancy is key; too much heat or too much cold compromises the product. A few drops of moisture or a bit of condensation will turn sugar into a useless candy coating. Prevent conditions from turning sour by selecting a dome for your sugar storage:

Superior moisture protection: The custom PVC airform covering the dome prevents exposure to moisture. The dome’s insulated nature also prevents heating and cooling of the walls and air inside, thus preventing condensation on the walls and protecting the integrity of the product.

Temperature control: The combination of waterproof membrane, reinforced concrete shell, and continuous layer of polyurethane foam prevents extreme temperature fluctuation. In addition, wall heating can be added to prevent sugar adhering to the dome wall.

Aeration system: Specific to sugar, domes are constructed with systems that force air through piles to keep temps and moisture content consistent.

Explosion protection: Domes that store sugar can be built with explosion panels in the apex that seal out moisture but are also designed to release in a deflagration event. The energy from a potential deflagration event is directed away from personnel and equipment. In addition, the dome doesn’t have roof beams or trusses that collect dust as compared to flat storages and silos, eliminating the concern of dust build-up that can contribute to a potential fire or deflagration event.

Food-safe features: Talk to our team about your requirements for cleanliness. From stainless-steel equipment to food-grade paint, we help our customers handle and process sugar using the most sterile means possible.