Ammonium-Nitrate Storage

Ammonium nitrate—a dual personality

Ammonium nitrate shows two faces, one that helps things grow and one that helps things explode. Whether destined to become an ingredient for fertilizer or a component for explosives, ammonium nitrate’s hygroscopic nature requires a controlled environment; don’t provide one, and the product can coalesce into a solid mass or absorb enough moisture to liquefy. Choose a dome for waterproof, temperature-controlled bulk storage.

  • Explosion protection: Domes that store ammonium nitrate are built with an explosion panel over the vent at the apex, sealing out moisture but rated to release in an explosion event or when air pressure is excessive. When the explosion panel is loosed, the shape of the structure channels energy through the panel, meaning less chance of the dome being compromised should an explosion occur.
  • Waterproof membrane and insulation: Our domes are completely waterproof, preventing any exposure to moisture. The dome’s insulated nature also prevents heating and cooling of the walls and air inside, thus preventing condensation from forming and protecting the integrity of the product.
  • Material-handling solutions: How fast and how well you move your product translates into how fast your company makes money. In addition to dome construction, we specialize in handling systems—not just those moving product within the structure, but loading and reclaim systems too. Our smart design also minimizes dust creation and emission.