Making your selected site work best for you— it’s one of the first considerations for a project’s success, and it’s accomplished thanks to geotechnical analysis.

Since every location around the world is unique, every dome needs to be supported in a unique way. And since each dome holds different materials in different quantities, the function determines the support beneath it.

With 40-plus years of experience, Dome Technology understands the loading of domes and is able to provide insight and options for the most economical foundation system.

With a Dome Technology project, geotechnical analysis is addressed in one of two ways:

  1. The customer has already hired a third party to complete geotechnical exploration, and a report has been finished. Our design-build team uses the findings to begin running models and working with the geotechnical engineer of record.
  2. The customer hires Dome Technology for the entire project, including the geotechnical analysis. Our project managers work with geotechnical engineers to determine what support system is needed for the structure. Because Dome Technology oversees the project from start to finish, there’s less work for customers and less risk too because one company is handling the entire scope.