With front-end engineering design (FEED), our design-build team can quickly provide preliminary plans within an acceptable budgetary estimate. Part of our foresight is made possible by value engineering. Whether you’re a co-op in Nebraska, USA, moving grain onto railcars post-harvest or a business owner storing coal in China, our design team will analyze your project and come up with innovative ways to accomplish tasks with less money.

Even when the stored material is the same, every project is unique and deserves individual attention. Our team meets with customers, either on the phone or in person, to nail down the details for a dome’s proposed function. Need to fill and empty a dome once a year? Once a month? Once a week? Dome will conceive a plan for those operations, but not just any plan—the optimal plan for a custom dome and material-handling systems within and around it.

To save on costs, engineers rely on years of experience to craft the ideal plan, and they try innovative ideas too. That might mean conveyor supports sharing a foundation with the dome to reduce costs, or it might mean building a ramp that will work for today’s dome but is also designed to function with adjacent dome likely to be built years later. By seeing the potential, our team incorporates future growth into today’s design.