“We’ve just brought a tank to the market that will save municipalities significant money,” said Dome Technology sales manager Daren Wheeler. “Our building method is just more efficient with less waste. It’s a win for taxpayers.”

Dome Technology’s AWWA D115 tank is built with this process: The foundation is established, and an airform fabricated in the exact shape of the finished tank is attached to the foundation and inflated with high-power fans. The vertical stem walls are sprayed with concrete, as is the low-profile domed roof. Post-tensioning cables are attached to the stem wall, along with typical reinforcing vertical and horizontal rebar. Concrete is then sprayed to embed the cables.  

After the concrete cures, the tank is disinfected. A polyurea coating is applied to the entire interior, and the domed roof is closed up with a hatch and ladder up the side for access. 

Dome Technology liquid storage tanks can be built in all weather conditions and compete with AWWA D110 tanks in cost and construction time.