Bentonite— sizing up storage options

Storing bentonite is a weighty matter, and designing the proper storage system is critical to the overall success and economy of a project. A dome is the perfect storage system.

  • Superior moisture protection: The custom PVC airform covering the dome prevents exposure to moisture. The dome’s insulated nature also prevents heating and cooling of the walls and air inside, thus preventing condensation on the walls and protecting the integrity of the product.
  • Firm foundations: Based on geotechnical analysis and an understanding of your product, our team provides innovative foundation options for an overall economical system.
  • More storage, smaller footprint: With domes, customers can store more product in a smaller footprint, stacking it deeper and taking up less valuable property at the site than compared to a flat storage. And compared to a concrete silo, the dome allows you to store more bentonite in the same footprint and height due to the fact that product can be stored inside the entire dome structure.
  • Reduced packing: The 100-percent waterproof and insulated structure reduces condensation and eliminates moisture than exacerbates this issue.
  • Material-handling solutions: How fast you move your product translates to how fast your company makes money. Let our team boost your speed. In addition to dome construction, we specialize in handling systems—not just those moving product within the structure, but loading and reclaim systems too.