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Scope of Work

Domes Height Diameter Capacity
#594 174ft 315ft 100,000t
#594 53.0m 96.0m 100,000t

Dome Technology’s team was contracted to build a coal-storage dome in Kemper County, Mississippi, USA, for a customer requesting natural ventilation.

To accommodate this ventilation, engineers designed a unique top for the structure. The dome was built with a large opening at the apex, and a second “roof” was built atop multiple columns covering the opening, allowing airflow in and out while protecting coal from moisture. This roofing was built with translucent panels so the dome is lit naturally as well—another customer request since employees are often inside to manage product.

By installing the open-air structure, ventilation happens naturally, reducing operation costs. “With natural ventilation, you don’t have to have electrical or mechanical components to move the air—it happens naturally, so it’s free,” said Dome Technology CEO Bradley Bateman, who acted as engineering project manager.

Having heard from colleagues about Dome Technology’s expertise with foundations, stacker reclaimers, construction, and fine cleanup, the customer sought Dome Technology’s team for the project. Today, reclaim is made possible via a stacker reclaimer, and the dome can contain 100,000 metric tons of lignite coal. “A project of this magnitude always has its challenges, but we were able to work through them and complete the project for this customer,” Bateman said.

With unique features and systems that meet customer requests, the Kemper dome is a significant Dome Technology achievement. “To deliver such an ambitious project has required a truly collaborative approach, working closely with our engineers and construction team to offer an innovative and extensive bulk-storage solution,” said Brent Hardy, who acted as project manager.