At Dome Technology safety is of utmost importance. Employees are OSHA and MSHA trained and receive site-specific training too.

We also train all employees, those in the field and those in the office, on how to be more intentional and safe while at work following these guidelines:

Dome Technology 10 Safety Commitments

As an employee of Dome Technology, I will commit to the following:

  1. I will be aware of and wear the proper PPE for every task I am assigned.
  2. I will not take shortcuts and sacrifice safety for production.
  3. I will promptly report all potential safety concerns.
  4. I will report to work each day “Fit for Duty.”
  5. I will only operate equipment I have been qualified and authorized by Dome Technology to operate.
  6. I will actively participate in the daily safety stretch, understanding that this exercise will help prevent muscle-strain injury.
  7. I will keep myself hydrated throughout the day.
  8. I will employ proper lifting techniques and employ team lifting when the load is more than I should be lifting alone.
  9. I will follow the daily JSA-reviewed procedures.
  10. I will be responsible for my safe actions every day.

Our commitment to quality

Quality is essential in everything we do, and we have several ways of making sure our work is top notch, starting with our 10 Quality Commitments:

Dome Technology 10 Quality Commitments

As an employee of Dome Technology, I will commit to the following:

  1.   I will be aware of, and use, the correct drawing for everything I build.
  2.   I will not take shortcuts and sacrifice quality for production.
  3.   I will promptly report all potential quality concerns.
  4.   I will be willing to swallow my pride and admit that my way may not be the best way.
  5.  I will efficiently plan the work to be performed and then work the plan that is in place.
  6.  I will document quality throughout the day and not just at the end of the shift.
  7. I understand my quality is a reflection on the entire company and will affect profits and customer relations.
  8. I will take pride in the work I do for the company.
  9. I will ask questions if something doesn’t look right, understanding the end goal is to give the customer the best-quality product we can produce.
  10. I will be personally responsible for the quality of my individual work every day.

Quality-control reporting

Dome Technology superintendents streamline quality-control reporting at projects worldwide by utilizing customized internet and mobile application systems. The mobile forms not only allow them to report on daily production numbers and complete their daily quality checklists, but all safety forms, purchase orders, and equipment forms are also filled out using an app. This gives everyone from the CEO to the project foreman real-time updates on daily progress. We also provide the customer access to this real-time information.

This program has simplified reporting and saves site managers a tremendous amount of time by allowing superintendents to take photos with their mobile device and seamlessly add them to reports. Dome Technology’s rigorous and mobile reporting program ensures a high level of accuracy and quality on completed projects.