Frac-Sand Storage

Dry conditions key for frac-sand storage

An ideal product to store, frac sand flows well and isn’t finicky about conditions—with one exception: Frac sand and water don’t mix. Keep moisture away, and your product will be easy to process and store. Choose a dome, and you’ll be able to store a lot of it.

Waterproof membrane and insulation: Our domes are completely waterproof, preventing any exposure to moisture. The dome’s insulated nature also prevents heating and cooling of the walls and air inside, thus preventing condensation from forming and protecting the integrity of the product.

More storage, smaller footprint: Warehouses and flat-storage structures can only be built so tall before their strength is compromised; with domes, customers can store more product in a smaller footprint, stacking it deeper and taking up less valuable property at the site. While some businesses require three to five buildings for flat storage, one dome will likely accommodate the same amount of material in one structure. The double curvature of a dome lends itself to strength and the ability to build up, rather than out.