Let's discuss your project in the United States

I’m Rod South, VP of Sales at Dome Technology, and I lead the team serving Dome Technology’s various energy, cement, mining, and agricultural industry customers across North America. We are ready to answer any questions you may have and we would be glad to discuss how we can make your next project more successful with our unmatched building technology and experience. Please contact me directly:

Rod South

International Headquarters

Directory of Key Personnel

Bradley Bateman

Chief Executive Officer

tel: +1 208 529 0833 email: email Bradley

Bryan Butikofer

Vice President of Construction

tel: +1 208 529 0833 email: email Bryan

Elyseu Castro

Business Development Director

tel: +55 11 98183 6700 email: email Elyseu

Reed Denning

Vice President of Finance

tel: +1 208 529 0833 email: email Reed

Heath Harrison

Sales Manager

tel: +1 208 227 1483 email: email Heath

Jason Miller

Vice President of Marketing

tel: +1 208 227 1480 email: email Jason

Daniel South

Vice President of Operations

tel: +1 208 529 0833 email: email Daniel

Rod South

Vice President of Sales

tel: +1 208 529 0833 email: email Rod

Adam Sullivan

Vice President of Environmental Health & Safety / Personnel

tel: +1 208 529 0833 email: email Adam

Daren Wheeler

Sales Manager

tel: +1 208 535 5128 email: email Daren