Superior potash storage

Potash is one of the not-so-secret ingredients for growing bigger, better plants and crops around the world. Also used for animal-feed and industrial products, potash demands dry conditions for optimal quality. Dome Technology provides storage and material-handling systems for potash and urea with greater value than traditional silo and flat-storage options.

  • Optimal moisture and corrosion protection: The custom PVC airform covering the entire dome prevents exposure to moisture. Where corrosion is often an issue with roof members in flat storages and silos, this is not a concern for a dome. The entire structure is reinforced concrete protected from moisture intrusion, resulting in a long-lasting storage system.
  • Reduced packing: The dome’s insulated nature prevents heating and cooling of the walls and air inside, eliminating condensation on the walls and protecting the integrity of the product.
  • Material-handling solutions: How fast and how well you move your product translates into how fast your company makes money. In addition to dome construction, we specialize in reclaim and handling systems—not just those moving product within the structure, but loading and reclaim systems too. Because of potash’s mildly corrosive nature, handling systems are built with quality, hardwearing materials that last.
  • Truss free: Dust buildup is of little concern since our domes are built without the use of interior supports or trusses.