The Face of Your Business

Dome Technology creates dynamic office spaces and impenetrable facilities delivering more flexibility and security than conventional corporate office buildings. Operating a business from a dome sets a business apart as a workplace of distinction with the benefit of protection from potential disaster. Choose a dome for your office space, warehouse, data center, business-continuity quarters for critical staff, or IT facilities.

Our team designs and builds steel-reinforced concrete structures engineered to meet FEMA 361, ICC-500, and National Storm Shelter Association standards providing almost absolute protection in extreme weather events. But there are benefits beyond safety:

  • Cost of construction less than that of conventional projects
  • Shorter construction time, even with short customer deadlines
  • Proven speed to market as the construction process is significantly shorter than that of conventional construction; regardless of weather, construction can continue once the airform is inflated
  • Open floor plans allowing for flexibility in interior design
  • Reliance on green technology—good for the environment and good for reducing operating costs.
  • Available features like low-emitting paints, grey-water recycling, LED lighting, solar lighting, and geo-thermal HVAC systems where applicable
  • A waterproof membrane that guarantees complete protection for the entire concrete shell
  • A continuous layer of polyurethane foam covering the entire dome, sandwiched between the exterior waterproofing membrane and the reinforced concrete shell and providing necessary insulation