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Domes Height Diameter
Notes:43.9m (144ft) Short Axis
#550 29ft 184ft
#550 8.8m 56.1m

When Dome Technology’s original office began showing its age, the company built a new office in an architectural style that complements its cutting-edge engineering and construction. “We wanted to be able to show people what we could do. We bring in people from all over the world to meet with us, and we needed an upgrade. It’s a modern office with an industrial flair,” Dome Technology project manager Daren Wheeler said, adding that visitors can’t help but notice ample windows with views in all directions and the open freespan area.

The freespan is made possible in part by the concrete thin-shell construction. The continuous shell also protects the interior from precipitation and provides strength that results in a self-supporting structure free of interior supports. “The biggest (advantage) with a concrete dome in an architectural application is there’s no interior load-bearing walls. Down the road, there’s virtually nothing stopping you from changing the entire interior,” Wheeler said.

Two noteworthy features in the office are the radiant heating and cooling systems. Infloor radiant heat provides warmth in cold months, and cooling is made possible by routing ground water through the shell to draw out stored heat. Dome Technology builds domes of varying geometries, and the corporate office showcases an elliptical dome
that’s better acoustically and aesthetically.

“We feel really proud to be able to show people the office. It’s a highlight of our shotcrete work, and it also stands to show what we’re capable of. Because this dome is nicely finished, (customers) have an inherent trust that what we’re going to deliver to them is going to be a quality product as well,” Dome Technology Vice President of Sales Rod South said