Prepare to Win

Don’t miss a single play by selecting Dome Technology’s truss- and support-free structure. Wide-open spaces guarantee there’s not a bad seat in the house.

Choose one of our domes for school and college facilities, gymnasiums, auditoriums, arenas, and convention centers. Then choose the features you want for your facility. A dome and its build-outs can support suspended features like balconies, mezzanines, walkways, press boxes, galleries, scoreboards, and AV equipment.

The dome’s construction process has significant advantages over other methods, including reduced construction cost, quicker construction time, design adaptability, and reduced maintenance. All Dome Technology customers will experience the following benefits, regardless of project type:

Energy efficiency

Our domes are constructed with two to three inches of insulating polyurethane foam, fostering more constant conditions inside the structure and resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.

Minimal maintenance

Steel-reinforced concrete domes are built to last with little to no maintenance.


Made mostly of concrete and steel, domes require significantly fewer building materials versus traditional construction. That composition, coupled with near indestructability, means these structures will last and last—good for customers and good for communities of the future.