Constructing bulk-storage facilities at ports or in conditions with complex soil conditions has traditionally required flat warehouses that poorly utilize valuable real estate, or expensive and time intensive deep foundations (i.e. deep piling) beneath traditional silos. The Domesilo, which offers strength and stability benefits over these traditional silo solutions, can be constructed in many instances with intermediate foundation solutions that save money while also maximizing the utilization of precious space. Download this paper to learn more about why the Domesilo by Dome Technology is able to present these new alternatives to deep foundations. This paper is written for a professional, non-technical audience.

Paper Topics

  • The Port Storage Dilemma
  • Dangers of Differential Settlement
  • A Stronger Structure with the Domesilo
  • A More Stable Structure with the Domesilo
  • Specific Alternatives to Deep Foundations
  • Domesilo Benefits

About the Author

This paper was written from consultations with multiple sources. The primary source for its content is Douglas Weber, a principal at Engineering System Solutions (ES2). During his career Doug has engineered dozens of Domesilos, some ranking among the world’s largest bulk-storage structures, on nearly every soil condition imaginable, employing in many instances alternatives to deep foundations.