Key benefits: Bulk-storage capacity

A DomeSilo, one of Dome Technology’s most popular models, allows companies to stack product deeper on a smaller footprint, requiring less property at the site. The increased storage capacity is made possible by geometry: The double curvature of a dome lends itself to the ability to build up, rather than out, and the curve provides strength at all points of the structure, even at the apex. The entire interior of a dome, then, can be used to contain product.

DomeSilo interior

A dome provides ideal conditions for stored materials requiring a controlled environment. A fabric membrane surrounding the entire dome exterior prevents water and moisture entrance, blocking the introduction of outside water into the stored product. The dome’s insulated nature reduces heating and cooling of the walls and air inside, preventing condensation from forming on the interior. Foam and concrete provide humidity control and moderate externally generated temperature fluctuations.

Bulk-storage capacity

A dome’s concrete monolithic construction also provides a tolerance for some differential settlement. These qualities combined with geotechnical engineering and site analysis ensure proper foundation selection and performance.

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