DomeSilo: A Better Way to Store Product

A DomeSilo is proven to be an economical and reliable solution for long-term storage. Just like it sounds, a DomeSilo is taller than a hemispherical dome, but what makes it unique is its storage capacity on sites with restricted space.

A dome allows for more storage than a silo with a comparable footprint. Because the hemispherical geometry of a dome provides strength at all points of the structure, the entire interior can be used to contain product, right up to the apex.

A dome differs from steel tanks and silos in key ways, including upfront and long-term cost savings. A dome has a longer life cycle than a steel tank, and compared to a silo of similar dimensions, a single dome stores more product. Other dome benefits include strength, climate control, and optional food-safe features.

Every dome model delivers flexibility. For products where explosion is a concern, round relief panels channel pressure out of the structure, preventing structural damage. Integrating a variety of reclaim systems is always an option with a dome. And for companies moving product from barge to storage to truck or rail in short order, the Drive-Thru DomeSilo might be the answer.