Large tube gallery installed for American Crystal Sugar project

Dome Technology has built and installed a large tube gallery that connects an existing bucket elevator to the new DomeSilo for American Crystal Sugar in Montgomery, Illinois, USA, which will allow the company to optimize conveyance and protect product integrity.

Built in the Dome Technology shop in Idaho Falls, the steel tubes are 13.5 feet in diameter for ease of maintenance and extend 160 feet to connect the bucket elevator to the new DomeSilo. The first dome was built in 2017, and the second is under construction.

The tube gallery is essential to the project because it helps keep the temperature and moisture levels consistent during conveyance. “As it’s being transported, it protects the sugar. That’s the benefit—it’s 100 percent protected from the elements,” Dome Technology sales manager Daren Wheeler said.

According to Wheeler, fabrication of the round tube gallery requires precision, and bids from outside manufacturers were cost prohibitive. The project was moved to the Dome Technology shop as a cost-saving measure and also allowed the team to oversee quality control. “It was pretty technical, and it speaks a lot for where we are going with fabrication out there,” he said.

The tubes’ exteriors were finished with insulated paint. Loaded with tiny ceramic discs, this paint boosts insulation values and was a customer request. The gallery was installed in 18 hours.

Dome Technology is equipped to provide the full package for customers from concept to completion, which is demonstrated in the current ACS project, Dome Technology CEO Bradley Bateman said.