Innovations: Round explosion panels

Dome Technology has pioneered proprietary round explosion panels ideal for products prone to deflagration. Until now, square and rectangular explosion venting have been the norm, but Dome Technology’s round model has been and will continue to be installed on bulk-storage domes with significant advantages.

Whether a pre-manufactured rectangular panel or a metal cladding piece, a squared-off panel creates a weak spot. Round panels are preferable because there are no sharp corners for stress concentration.

Albioma dome in Martinique

The proprietary explosion vents are comprised of a circular geodesic steel lattice covered with the same PVC fabric used in the dome construction process. The panel is anchored to the dome with explosion-venting relief screws that remain secure during the design dead, live, and wind loads. But in the event of a deflagration event, the screws release the panel and allow for the release of the excessive internal pressure. The system is watertight and meets the required operational design loads.

In the event of an explosion, the fabric accepts the load and transfers it uniformly around the ring’s circumference. “Because it’s circular we can predict the load going to each of the fasteners really well,” said Jason South, Dome Technology Vice President of Engineering, Research, and Development. “If it were rectangular, the pressure going to each fastener could be different,” and more difficult to estimate.

This article includes more information about round explosion panels in action.