Drive-Thru DomeSilo ideal for ready-mix concrete companies

More ready-mix concrete companies are reaching out for information about Dome Technology’s Drive-Thru DomeSilo, an ideal model for those wanting to load and unload product quickly and efficiently.

Dome Technology developed the Drive-Thru so companies could fill truck or rail directly from the storage structure and speed up the process of product reception to delivery.

Continental Cement Co. Drive-Thru DomeSilo

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In general, the Drive-Thru incorporates a fill pipe or belt conveyor depending on the stored product, storage vessel, ladder access, truck scale, and appropriate foundation. “Companies can save on building a single drive-through storage facility by eliminating the need for multiple mechanical systems, two operators, and multiple structures,” Dome Technology sales manager Lane Roberts said, noting that this model is less expensive to build than a silo of similar capacity and ability.

The Drive-Thru allows for direct load-out, where stored product flows through a spout for direct load-out into the truck or rail. When used for cement or flyash, the dome will provide 100 percent live reclaim utilizing a fully aerated floor. For other product types, gravity and other mechanical reclaim systems can be used in the reclaiming process. This model is a true turnkey system—storage, conveyance, monitoring, and more.

Drive-Thru DomeSilo dome model

The Drive-Thru can be used as a day bin when built on a small scale, but in actuality “it’s more like a drive-thru silo—it can store so much more than a typical steel day bin,” Roberts said. The dome’s dimensions will vary by project and customer need; the bin size will likely range from 1,500 to 15,000 tons and will work well storing the typical drive-through capacity of 4,000 to 10,000 tons. However, when storing cement or flyash or when utilizing a fluidized floor system, “you could easily apply this same concept to a 60,000-ton DomeSilo,” Dome Technology CEO Bradley Bateman said. “There is no limit on the storage size for this technology.” The same applies to other types of stored product as there is no limit on the use and application of these systems.

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