Video featuring Drive-Thru DomeSilo available now

A video documenting construction of the first Drive-Thru DomeSilo is now available.

The Drive-Thru was built at a recently acquired Continental Cement site in Memphis. While the existing silo and adjacent scale had not been used for some time, complete upgrades of these assets along with a new barge unloader, dock upgrades and Drive-Thru dome have allowed Continental Cement to become the leader in service in the Memphis market.

With dimensions of approximately 100 feet tall and 50 feet in diameter, the Drive-Thru can be supplied by barge from any one of Continental Cement’s plants and can hold 5,000 metric tons. The engineering design of the new barge unloader allows discharge into either the Drive-Thru dome or the 3,000-ton traditional silo. New aeration of the existing silo allows for a much-increased truck-loading rate. A cantilevered bridge between the Drive-Thru dome and the pre-existing silo makes not only for more efficient access, but more importantly, a safer work environment.

drive-thru domesilo

The Drive-Thru delivers 100 percent live reclaim from a fully aerated floor. Product flows through a hopper for loading into truck and, potentially in the future, rail.  An in-line lump crusher on the loadout stack-up ensures that lumps passed through the receiving system do not make it into trucks. The dome can receive 350 mtph from the barge unloader and load out at 320 mtph.

The Drive-Thru DomeSilo video highlights the facility’s many and varied components and provides a bird’s-eye view of the site. For more information and additional photos, click here.