The advantages of domes as schools

The dome’s versatility is winning the attention of school districts nationwide as a growing number contract with Dome Technology for new schools. To date, Dome Technology has built more than 30 schools and school facilities like gymnasiums and auditoriums. The list of benefits is long and varied, and here are some of the highlights:

Monticello Montessori School

Utility cost savings

The insulated nature of a dome yields significantly reduced utility bills. Monticello Montessori School in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is comprised of two domes The ability to reduce utilities costs is an important advantage; according to administrator Erica Kemery, “we have excellent temperature control”—fans are rarely turned on to cool the school, she said.

In a comparison between Monticello Montessori and traditionally built Woodland Hills Elementary less than one mile away, Monticello paid an average of 27.7 percent less in heating and cooling costs per square foot over four years.


Lumberton Independent School District Performing Arts Center

Flexible square footage

Because a dome is self-supporting, the truss-free interior is naturally an open space. This allows schools to maximize square footage for large open spaces like gyms or auditoriums without requiring pillars or beams. If administrators later want to add or remove walls or partitions, changes require no engineering of the dome shell.


Webb City

Ultimate safety

When storm clouds gather, students have a safe place to gather. Windborne debris, projectiles, and 250-mph wind speeds are no match for a dome engineered to combat weather events, and our domes exceed FEMA 361 and ICC-500 standards. That means construction in some regions are eligible for FEMA funding. Click here for details.

The construction materials make domes ultra safe. The airform acts as an impermeable membrane that keeps moisture at bay. The insulation and concrete shell provide better climate control inside. Combined with steel reinforcement and nature’s perfectly strong shape, the structure is undeniably robust.

Dome Technology has built dozens of storm shelters in the United States’ tornado alley and in areas prone to hurricane. Many schools choose domes for their dual purpose; it’s a storm shelter in an emergency and a large facility for school functions the rest of the time. For more information on a few of these projects, click here.