Monticello Montessori School – School – United States

Scope of Work

“The employees of Dome Technology are the most professional, thorough, and talented people I have worked with. They take the job seriously. Safety, economy, durability and beauty; we got it all in our school built by Dome. Kids love coming to school because the building is such a pleasant place to be.” -Dave Meyer, First Monticello Montessori School Administrator

About Monticello Montessori

Monticello Montessori received their charter from the Idaho Public Charter School Commission on July 22, 2009. The school is a public charter school located in Ammon, Idaho. It provides high-quality elementary Montessori education, tuition-free. The school serves children from Kindergarten through Sixth grade.


(1) Monticello Montessori wanted to follow LEED principles in the design and construction of their school, focusing on low maintenance costs and having an energy efficient building. (2) Monticello Montessori, like other public charter schools, was under tight budget constraints. (3) In order to meet the school year opening, time to complete construction was incredibly tight.


(1) Dome Technology worked closely with ES² and other design professionals to provide a complete turn-key solution for Monticello Montessori. The dome’s inherent energy efficiency and Dome Technology’s green construction methods provided an ideal building to satisfy the customer’s energy and maintenance requirements. (2) Dome Technology offered a competitive up-scale solution to a traditional brick and mortar building, while offering the great benefits of a dome structure. (3) In just 5 short months, Dome Technology produced a turn-key solution for Monticello Montessori. After rapid construction of the dome shell, subcontractors were able to work on a solid foundation to finish out the building in a short amount of time.


Dome Technology was thrilled to build a modern dome school in Ammon, Idaho, only a few miles away from Dome Technology’s headquarters. The Monticello Montessori administration team was a great partner to work with on this project.

The school marks the first dome building of its kind. Following LEED principles, and delivering a high level of finish both inside and out the dome, the Monticello Montessori School highlights the great benefits and advantages of utilizing a thin shell concrete dome in a school setting.

Each dome was designed to hold four classrooms, however, in the beginning the school only had resources to accommodate six classrooms. Due to the dome’s scalability, Dome Technology initially completed six of the eight rooms. After completing the first school year, Monticello Montessori was better prepared to handle the additional classrooms, and Dome Technology finished out the remaining two rooms during the summer break in time for the start of school in the fall.

Dome Technology is proud to have worked with Monticello Montessori to provide a first-class school in Southeastern Idaho, where many of our community’s children will have an ideal place to be taught and prepared for the future.