Scope of work we do: Structural steel

Structural steel is a major component of any bulk-storage project, and with a fabrication shop on the same campus as corporate construction headquarters, it’s easy for Dome Technology engineers and construction managers to work closely with team members who build features like stair towers, work towers, conveyor supports, handrails, and walkways.

“We’re tied closely to the dome, so we know what (customers) want, and we know how everything interfaces,” said Dome Technology shop operations manager Kirby Sheldon. “We’ll see problems other fabricators won’t see.”


Dome Technology recently wrapped up a fabrication project for Savannah Bulk Terminal, and “we are in the middle of several of our turnkey projects where we are doing all the fabrication for the project,” Dome Technology Vice President of Operations Dan South said.

A dozen employees work in the Dome Technology shop. Work includes welding, design, fabrication, pipe fitting, stair towers and handrails, conveyors, chute work, conventional buildings, and steel buildings.

McInnis Cement, Rhode Island

Recently a few structural-steel projects have received attention in the news. For McInnis Cement’s Rhode Island facility, Dome Technology installed a truck lane, steel storage silo, structural-steel convey piping support, and stair platform with connecting structural-steel bridge to the dome apex. Shortly thereafter, McInnis hired Dome Technology to build an additional truck bay for its Bronx facility, including piping and structural-steel installation. Within 130 days the team executed all structural and millwright work at the Bronx, and operations at the facility were not interrupted during construction.