Repeat customer, Part III: Enviva

One of the hallmarks of quality workmanship is the number of repeat customers it generates, and Dome Technology has worked with some of the biggest industry leaders on multiple projects. This article features Enviva and is the third part in a five-week series highlighting a lineup of customers who’ve come back for more.

dome technology enviva project

In Spring of 2011 and November 2012, Dome Technology built two domes for biomass manufacturer Enviva at the Port of Chesapeake in Virginia, USA. The domes, which stand 157 feet high and 176 feet in diameter and store 45,000 metric tons apiece, feature systems for continuous monitoring and temperature control. Dome Technology’s team completed construction ahead of projected completion, even though the project started a month later than planned.

dome technology enviva project

Five years later Enviva again contracted Dome Technology to build two additional, almost identical domes at Port of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. This pair of domes stands 170 feet tall, boast a capacity of 45,000 metric tons each, and can withstand hurricane force winds.

“Enviva is the biggest wood-pellet producer in the world. It’s just a joy to work with such a large, progressive company,” said Dome Technology sales manager Lane Roberts.

According to Enviva Senior Vice President Norb Hintz, the company has been pleased with Dome Technology’s work. In a letter of recommendation, he writes, “We appreciate the high-quality workmanship, professionalism, and attention to detail demonstrated by their staff. Should Enviva need additional wood-pellet storage in the future, Dome Technology will be on the short list of suppliers we consider.”