Mixing and blending no problem for DomeSilo

For new construction, a DomeSilo provides robust strength equal to the task of mixing and blending.

A monolithic concrete dome makes grain storage and shipment easier by storing more and accommodating mix and blend. Dome Technology builds these domes all over the world, and the most popular model is the DomeSilo, a dome that is as tall or taller than it is wide. Thanks to its brute strength, a dome is a more durable structure than traditional steel structures or flat storage and can also store more than a silo with similar dimensions.

grain dome

The dome’s tolerance for cyclic throughput is high because of its structural integrity. Filling and emptying will stress any structure, but a dome’s monolithic design accepts the force without fatigue problems; stress is not channeled to weak spots like bolts or seams because there aren’t any. A dome doesn’t require regular maintenance, and the concrete dome’s lifespan is indefinite.

For processors, shuttle loaders and exporters, blending can be key to operations. The dome’s strength makes blending and mixing and blending possible. A dome is cost competitive with silos while providing the ability to pull from multiple gates, an option limited with steel tanks and one that keeps barge, rail, and export shipments running smoothly.

grain dome for mix and blend

The typical grain dome features multiple gates within the foundation; to circulate, product is drawn out of these gates, then conveyed to the top of the dome and reloaded. Terminal managers can also select specific gates to address hot spots, and monitoring systems help identify those. If certain pockets are lower in quality, corresponding gates can be opened to various percentages with gates adjacent to high-quality product opened as well.

“The dome’s blending capability will create a consistent product for the customer or end user,” Dome Technology sales manager Heath Harrison said. “Domes allow you to maximize blending capability, giving companies the opportunity to maximize profits and efficiencies. The grain industry operates on tight margins, so sometimes throughput and mix and blend are all we have to increase the bottom line. Domes and DomeSilos will maximize that bottom line.”

In addition to these benefits, recent construction advances are making domes more resilient than ever. For instance, Dome Technology has pioneered round explosion panels that channel pressure out of the structure, preventing structural damage in the event of an explosion.

grain dome tunnel

Companies eager to secure no-entry options can explore different reclaim systems that make this possible; Dome Technology’s in-house engineers work closely with customers to determine reclaim that delivers necessary throughput and keeps employees safe.

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from an article published in Dry Cargo International in September.