Meet the dome: A timesaving, turnkey biomass facility

No doubt biomass companies are some of the savviest out there. After all, products perceived as “green” are hot and will just get hotter, and these companies had the foresight to get involved early.

With any booming business, time is of the essence, and big biomass-storage projects demand a lot of it. That’s why Dome Technology specializes in designing and building turnkey facilities. Streamlining the process of securing state-of-the-art storage complements a forward-thinking industry, saving companies time and money.

Drax biomass storage

Systems that work together

Selecting the right structure is just one part of the puzzle for bulk storage. At the same time, companies have to make decisions on conveyance, throughput, conditioning, monitoring, and more. But by working with a turnkey-construction company like Dome Technology, guesswork is eliminated, and the likelihood of a seamless facility is extremely high. It’s a process that helps customers maximize their time.

Dome Technology oversees complete storage projects, though customers can also seek support in specific portions and receive innovative options. By working with a one-stop shop, each element is planned with the others in mind.

Barrette-Chapais wood-pellet storage

Domes and biomass storage

Selecting a dome is a key way to bolster efficiency. The flexible DomeSilo model complements biomass, providing product protection and resisting deflagration, even coming equipped with innovative explosion panels that prevent major structural damage should an emergency occur.

Just like it sounds, a DomeSilo is tall and narrow with a domed top. That dome is important; its geometry allows for significantly greater storage capacity than available with silos of similar dimensions because it can support product stacked right up to the apex. The DomeSilo also rivals silos in cost efficiency.

A dome can be built quickly—once the outer weatherproofing membrane is in place, construction work is completed from the inside, so the project can proceed regardless of the weather.

Then automation is added, another measure designed to save time and cut man hours. Domes are engineered with systems to monitor temperature, humidity, sparks and off gasses and to halt operations should something be amiss. Dust collection also comes standard with a dome.

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