Dome Technology featured on The Crude Life podcast

the crude life

On April 28 The Crude Life podcast featured Dome Technology Vice President of Operations Dan South—listen here (the interview starts at about the 44-minute mark).

South explains dome construction and the work Dome Technology does within the energy sector, specifically with coal and petcoke storage. “Our engineers specialize in thin-shell concrete design, so it’s very unique. We use a lot of finite-element analysis in the designs, and they’re great buildings,” he said.

South also discusses the energy industry internationally and the challenges of building bulk storage in the United States and abroad. For environmental protection and optimal transport, domes contain fugitive dust and can be designed for compatibility with rail, truck, or barge.

The Crude Life is a podcast dedicated to the oil and gas industries and explores key players and energy innovations in this sector. Listen to the entire interview with South here.