Dome Technology completes DomeSilo for Continental Cement

Continental Cement Co., a Summit Materials company, has built another DomeSilo with Dome Technology, this time at its Davenport, Iowa, USA facility.

The DomeSilo can store 125,000 short tons of cement powder, and according to Dome Technology’s records, the structure is among the largest-capacity cement storage facilities in the world, said sales manager Lane Roberts.

Continental Cement Co., Davenport, Iowa, USA

The dome size is a response to demand that’s been building for the past decade. CCC Davenport ran short on storage for many years, resulting in cement being loaded on barges and stored on the river. Over the past decade, CCC has stored significant amounts of cement each year, resulting in substantial demurrage costs. With demand for cement and barge demurrage costs increasing each year, Summit Materials and Continental Cement were confident that now was the time to invest in larger, more permanent storage.

“CCC will reduce its demurrage costs for cement storage on the river and eliminate the need to curtail production or shut down the plant. This helps to ensure we have sufficient cement to ship coming out of the winter months into the busy spring and summer seasons,” Continental Cement Co. plant manager Shawn Mages said.