Descriptions of different models: Hemispherical dome

The DomeSilo is Dome Technology’s most popular dome-storage model, but companies shouldn’t rule out the hemispherical dome as a prime option too.

When just looking at the dome storage itself, a “hemisphere is often the least expensive to build,” said Dome Technology sales manager Cameron High. “I would say at least half the proposals we are sending out include a hemisphere option.” But when looking at entire project costs considering the filling and reclaim systems, the DomeSilo tends to provide the most overall economical storage option.

coal storage dome

A hemispherical dome is just what it sounds like—a sphere sliced straight through. These domes are most economical because the materials needed are significantly less than in tall and slender or short and wide domes. And it’s absolutely ideal when there are no site restrictions or plenty of land is available.

“Due to its shape, it’s just inherently efficient in regards to the amount of materials you use and the strength you receive from those materials,” High said.

A dome meets and often exceeds building codes thanks to geometry. Because a dome’s hemispherical geometry renders strength at all points of the structure, the entire interior can be used to contain product, and the curved design can drastically increase the capacity of any existing circle ground pile.