A perfect partnership: Why a DomeSilo is suited for storing frac sand

Frac sand flows well and isn’t finicky about conditions—with one exception: Frac sand and water don’t mix. Keep moisture at bay, and it is easy to process and store. Choose a dome, and you’ll be able to store a lot of frac sand, even in the harshest conditions. Choose a Drive-Thru DomeSilo, and you’ll have product protection plus a durable way to load and ship on repeat for the long term.

Here are the advantages of using a dome for frac-sand storage and processing:

Robust enough for cyclical throughput

Companies storing frac sand process a lot of product in a little time. The sand’s weight and abrasion can do a number on steel structures, but a concrete dome can tolerate the demands. The Drive-Thru DomeSilo is built for cyclic throughput and will not deteriorate even if product is cycled constantly.

Waterproofing comes standard

Each dome is built without seams and with a waterproof membrane covering the entire surface. No precipitation can enter the structure, and the combination of a waterproof membrane, insulation, and reinforced concrete shell prevents extreme interior temperature fluctuation and resulting condensation.

Ample storage

A DomeSilo allows product to be stacked deeper on a smaller footprint, requiring less property and freeing up land for future expansion. The increased capacity is made possible by geometry: The double curvature of a dome lends itself to building up, rather than out, and the curve provides strength at all points of the structure, even at the apex. While some businesses require three to five buildings for flat storage, one dome will likely provide the same amount of frac-sand storage in one structure. And the truss-free interior means each dome can be filled to capacity without any ledges or surfaces for sand or dust to collect.

Molybdenum ore bulk storage dome

Storage as rugged as the terrain

Harsh conditions are no match for domes, which are often the model of choice for storm shelters thanks to their strength in natural disasters. Location is also a non-issue; for instance, the Climax Molybdenum dome in Leadville, Colorado, was built at an elevation of 11,000 feet.

Conveyance covered

For every project our engineers design the best method for input and output. With a Drive-Thru DomeSilo, storage and conveyance are delivered in a single robust package that’s easy to operate and customized with frac sand in mind.

“Good neighbor” features

A dome meets and in some cases exceeds regulations for covering ground pile. Dust is contained within the seamless dome, even at the filling point, and a dust-mitigation system inside makes dust collection simple.

For more than 40 years, Dome Technology has been building custom bulk-storage domes around the world. Our team of engineers is expert in providing a storage solution with your product in mind.