What to do with an aging dome exterior

As decades pass, the need for larger-scale dome repair work may become more likely. Speedy repairs are a must to protect the concrete dome structure and the material it stores. Dome Technology offers complete renovation options for the fabric membranes.

PVC-coated polyester fabric is durable and can last up to 20 years, but in the event of damage, customers can often make repairs themselves. For small repairs, Dome Technology’s team provides instructions and mailed materials; in many cases, a simple heat-welded patch over the damaged area will be the only mending required.

For serious damage, Dome Technology can patch, coat, or even recover structures on site in the United States and abroad, depending on the circumstances and condition of the dome.

The fabrics Dome Technology uses today are more sophisticated than those in previous decades, so very little maintenance is required. When the surface looks dirty, customers can clean the outer PVC airform with a few simple tools—mild detergents, soft brushes, and low-pressure water are all it takes to restore most membranes to original condition. High-powered pressure washing is discouraged and might remove the membrane’s protective coatings applied to maximize the lifespan.

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