Video: Drax highlights four domes built for the company’s power plant

Drax Group published this video depicting operations at the Drax Power Station, Europe’s single largest decarbonization project and Dome Technology’s largest project to date.

The size and scale of the project requires unprecedented biomass storage, essentially four domes each holding 80,000 metric tons of biomass. Dome Technology’s team was responsible for the overall design of the dome system, including reclaim tunnels, floor slabs, upper and lower ring beams, dome shells, and waterproofing.

With the four domes now in operation, Drax is providing enough power to meet around seven to eight percent of the United Kingdom’s electricity needs, half of which is being generated via biomass.

“Dome Technology were keen and interested from day one, had experience with biomass and other similar products from previous projects, and had over 75 reference projects worldwide,” said Drax’s strategic project engineering manager Jason Shipstone. “One or two little details were a little close to the wire in terms of timing, and like all large projects, we had our surprises, but overall the whole team worked well together and delivered a very effective project.”