Three simple tools for cleaning dome exteriors

Since its beginning in 2008, FabricSpan has partnered with Dome Technology to create custom PVC airforms for thin-shell concrete domes. Even though an airform resists UV damage and harsh weather, routine inspection and upkeep will help maintain quality to get the most out of your dome’s exterior.


Located on the same campus, Dome Technology and FabricSpan work together to create carefully sized, low-maintenance outer membranes for domes. FabricSpan recommends annual inspections to ensure the PVC airform is free of damage and protecting the structure. Use the following checklist for your inspections:

  • Are there any tears or punctures in the fabric membrane?
  • Is polyurethane foam exposed?
  • Is the fabric membrane brittle and showing signs of cracking?
  • Is the membrane now chalky to the touch, unable to be “polished”?
  • Is the dome prone to leaking at penetrations, valleys, or other joints?
  • Do you have other concerns not listed above?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our team can help you properly address any concerns. Contact Dome Technology at 208.529.0833.

When the surface looks dirty, customers can clean the outer PVC airform with a three simple tools—mild detergents, soft brushes, and low-pressure water are all it takes to restore most membranes to original condition. High-powered pressure washing is discouraged and might remove the membrane’s protective coatings applied to maximize the lifespan.