Quality-control reporting streamlined with new mobile app

Dome Technology has added a new tool to streamline its quality-control reporting.

Superintendents at projects worldwide are now using a mobile-forms app to submit daily reports. By using a smartphone or tablet, superintendents and foremen are currently completing all their QC forms using the app. The mobile forms not only allow them to report on daily production numbers and complete their daily quality checklists, but all safety forms, purchase orders and equipment forms are also filled out with this system.

The app has simplified reporting and is saving site managers a tremendous amount of time, said Dome Technology quality-control manager Travis Benedict. “It’s something they can do on their phones while they’re supervising their guys work,” he said, adding that superintendents can also take photos with their phones and seamlessly add those to reports.

Superintendents at a site without wi-fi access can still fill out forms, which will automatically send when internet is available.

Before the new system was introduced, superintendents filled out forms by hand, then scanned and uploaded documents to the quality-control system. Not only does the app eliminate the by-hand step, but it also retains information in the appropriate fields—like project name and location—that doesn’t change day to day. Also, the system can utilize a smartphone’s talk-to-text features and produces easy-to-read, professional-looking PDF reports, Benedict said.