‘Progressive Railroading’ highlights how ACSC dome benefits railroad

According to an article by Progressive Railroading, the new American Crystal Sugar Company dome in Montgomery, Illinois, will boost BNSF Railway Co. efficiency, thanks in part to its location and the ease in receiving shipments from other states.

The article also notes that BNSF anticipates a 10 percent reduction in cycle time for shipping sugar and expects to move almost twice as much sugar to customers each year.

The dome will provide ample sugar storage not available in the area before. Previously, railcars full of sugar would deliver product to various receivers in Chicago that didn’t always have sufficient room to store it, resulting in railcars having to wait to unload.

Dome Technology constructed the dome, which stands 134 feet tall and 183.7 feet in diameter and can store 60,000 metric tons of sugar. Although ACSC owns the facility, United Sugars Corporation oversees operations.

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Photo via progressiverailroading.com