Ozinga facility tour included in INTERCEM conference Tuesday

On April 26 INTERCEM Shipping Americas attendees will have the chance to tour the Ozinga South Chicago Terminal in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The tour is open to registered conference attendants, and the tour begins at 9 a.m. Additionally, Dome Technology CEO Bradley Bateman and Ozinga project manager Mark Jackson will provide the first conference presentation, titled “Optimizing storage and logistics at the Ozinga South Chicago Terminal.”

“It’s an opportunity for us to showcase Dome Technology’s experience in the industry. We have a long-lasting relationship with Ozinga and look forward to presenting on the project with Mark Jackson,” Bateman said.

Ozinga Chicago

Ozinga contracted with Dome Technology to build the DomeSilo, which is 125 feet in diameter and 138 feet tall and stores 50,000 metric tons of cement. Product is loaded into the storage pneumatically via a barge unloader, and dual Fuller-Kinyon pumps convey product from the dome to two day bins.

Ozinga management considered slip-form concrete silos, bolted steel silos and flat storage for the Chicago site, but “we determined that the dome storage was the most economical and efficient form of storage for the amount of material we wanted to store and the amount of annual put-through,” Ozinga President Marty Ozinga IV said.

The company required a location with ample access to different modes of transportation including the river, rails, the Great Lakes, and the highway. The other non-negotiable was redundancy, an advantage made possible by custom pneumatic transport and reclaim systems.

Ozinga Chicago double-dihedral floor

One key component is the double-dihedral, fully fluidized floor that discharges product on two sides of the dome. The need for a reclaim tunnel is eliminated as product is fed to the side, not the center, and all the equipment is stored outside, freeing up room inside for storage.

According to Ozinga’s president, the dome will help the company secure reliable and economical sources of raw materials—a capability that will help the company continue to distinguish itself from the competition.

“In the long run, this (dome) will help secure the future of Ozinga as an independent, American-owned and operated family business,” Ozinga said.