Not sure about a dome’s looks? Consider a low-profile roof

A dome is truly a non-traditional option architecturally, and some might not fancy a domed roof on top of their commercial building. But a low-profile roof is one way to achieve the same dome benefits with a discreet roofline.

tupelo high school low-profile roof

Dome Technology has developed a low-profile dome concept, which means the roof is still curved but in a more subtle way—so subtle that it’s often difficult to see the roof at all when approaching the building.

To accommodate a flatter, sleeker dome roof, post-tension reinforcing is often used where the dome and vertical wall interface.

lumberton storm shelter and events center

These roofs can be finished in multiple ways, from tile and pavers to a “green” roof made of grass. All options are built upon an impermeable membrane, so leaks are never an issue.

St. Joseph - Tom O'Conner Jr. Athletic Center

For more information, visit our Low-Profile Dome page.