New videos of Iona water tank show airform inflation

Local TV stations KIFI/KIDK and KPVI each covered the airform inflation for the Iona water tank.

The KIFI/KIDK coverage can be viewed here.

Dome Technology broke ground on the million-gallon water tank for the City of Iona June 5. The company built a similar tank in Sugar City and completed one in Shelley in 2018. The Shelley project attracted the attention of Iona city leadership, and low cost secured the deal.

“(Dome Technology was) the low bid, but I will tell you we were impressed with the product that was built in Shelley. We really wanted to try to make the bidding process competitive, so we jumped through a lot of hoops to accommodate everyone that wanted to bid the project,” Iona mayor Daniel Gubler said. “We are happy with the outcome.”

The project was driven not so much by city growth but by insufficient water for fighting potential fires. The city’s current tank, located at the east end of Iona Road, has a capacity of 500,000 gallons.

Dome Technology’s water tank is a steel-reinforced concrete structure with a domed roof; airform inflation happens first, and concrete is then sprayed in place, leaving no joints in the wall or the roof. The D115 model Dome Technology builds has post-tensioning embedded in the walls for seamless robustness, rather than wrapping the post-tensioning wire around the outside of a tank as seen in D110 tanks.  This allows for higher overflow than other tanks on the market and greater storage.

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