National Storm Shelter Association membership means better protection for Dome Technology customers

’Tis the season for hurricanes, so tropical storms are back in the news. But for members of the National Storm Shelter Association like Dome Technology, planning for the future and protecting people from natural disaster is a year-round focus.

NSSA membership

The NSSA was formed in 2001 to ensure the highest quality of manufactured and constructed storm shelters that could protect people from injury or loss of life from the effects of tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. The association is self-policing to maintain public confidence and respect for the storm shelter industry.

Dome Technology is a long-standing NSSA member, and sales manager Daren Wheeler sits on the NSSA board as communication vice president. The board is comprised of representatives from groups like Huckabee and Vaughn Concrete Products, with Michelle Guymon Barbee of Safe Sheds serving as this year’s president. NSSA provides objective information about building FEMA-approved storm shelters, and the website provides listings for suppliers and contractors with experience building shelters.

According to Wheeler, the benefit of getting involved in NSSA is “having a seat at the table” to discuss current issues and provide or receive input about what happens in the world of storm shelters. Of interest this year are revisions to ICC 500, the FEMA building code for storm shelters. NSSA members are invited to review the proposed revisions and submit comment.

NSSA also holds an annual convention and produces a regular newsletter. For more information and details about membership, visit