How Dome Technology approaches commercial design build

If you hope to employ a design-build approach with your commercial project, Dome Technology is the answer. We excel at working within customer parameters. If you’ve got a list of must-haves and a firm budget, we will work with you to get the most bang for your buck.

Rely on our team to deliver a structure with an unlimited lifespan—its concrete shell and geometry mean unrivaled strength. Our construction method also requires no trusses inside. Every square foot can be utilized, and interior walls can be reconfigured at will because the dome is self-supporting—no need to consider load-bearing walls because there aren’t any.

design-build corporate office

Here’s how it works: A customer brings us the budget and a list of required features; our team then identifies what can be included for the set price. The two groups can then add or subtract features to strike the balance and achieve the structure a customer needs.

Cost savings result from domes being built with locally available concrete and rebar, reducing transportation costs for materials. The dome’s double curvature provides an efficient design, resulting in less construction materials. In addition, the construction process often reduces the overall construction schedule.

Two major advantages with design-build are that change orders are reduced and schedules are usually met because each phase of the project is built into the plan. These equal cost savings more often than not and yield a smoother building experience.

For more information on our commercial building process, including a step-by-step explanation of how a structure is built, click here.