Football team practices inside dome during South Texas heat wave

According to Corpus Christi, Texas, news station KRISTV, the Tuloso-Midway High School football team moved practice inside the district’s dome storm shelter/gymnasium to escape temps exceeding 100 degrees.

“This dome has been amazing; it has really helped us out. You know the heat index, as high as they are, we want to keep kids safe and want to keep kids hydrated. Having this facility enables us to come out and do stuff and not have to worry about heat. We talk about hydration all the time, and we go out some, but when it is hot like today, this has been a godsend for us,” said Tuloso-Midway Head Football Coach Wade Miller.

Dome Technology built the 20,000-square-foot storm shelter in 2017 for Tuloso-Midway Independent School District. The shelter was built in part with FEMA funding and was finished as a gymnasium. It is located in the district’s sports complex. For the full story, visit KRISTV.