FabricSpan provides dome airforms, custom fabrication

Since its start in 2008, fabric-structure manufacturer FabricSpan has produced 6.4 million square feet of finished product on projects worldwide. That kind of resume has established the company as an expert in airforms for storage domes and other types of custom fabric coverings.

FabricSpan is best known for providing airforms for Dome Technology projects. The airforms are inflated to full height and width—some 200 feet in height and some 330 feet in diameter—then sprayed inside with shotcrete to form the dome’s shell. The airform stays permanently intact, acting as the exterior waterproofing membrane for the storage structure. When well maintained, the airform will last an average of 20 to 25 years and ensure proper protection from sun, wind, and rain.

Strength of materials

FabricSpan relies on a variety of materials for its projects, but for domes the choice is PVC-coated fabric that strikes an effective balance between economy, longevity, protection, and strength. FabricSpan uses radio-frequency welding to construct airforms, fusing fabric sections together with electromagnetic energy to create an uncommonly strong industrial-fabric membrane.

Beyond construction, “we can uniquely and competently provide viable and complete solutions for inspection, cleaning, patching, repairing, renovating, coating, and resurfacing,” FabricSpan General Manager Luke Heiner said. In addition, the company provides multiple free online tutorials for dome owners and managers with tips for routine maintenance, membrane cleaning, and rip and puncture repair. For issues larger than these, the FabricSpan team provides repair work, from patching to full recovering.

Custom fabrication

Another FabricSpan niche is custom fabrication, including flexible covers for architectural and industrial applications like tensile, tents, tarps, and more. FabricSpan’s latest venture is into the world of protective and waterproofing coatings and liners. According to Heiner, the company strives to provide viable solutions using industry-leading products plus technical support after the sale.

With a 22,000-square-foot facility and leading technology, FabricSpan is set up to maximize quality production and minimize costs, making the company more competitive in the marketplace.

“In manufacturing, being lean provides a competitive edge because of our philosophy of efficient error-free training, processes, and output,” Heiner said. “We focus on understanding customer needs and schedules, providing excellent collaboration with a partnership/team mentality.”