Enviva ships first barge of wood pellets to UK

On Dec. 22 NBC affiliate WECT in North Carolina highlighted Enviva’s preparation to ship its first barge of wood pellets to the United Kingdom. Click here for the video.

The wood pellets are stored in two domes built by Dome Technology, with each dome storing up to 45,000 metric tons. According to the video, Enviva could ship as many as 20 runs to Europe in 2017.

The domes can withstand winds up to 300 mph and will store pellets produced at Enviva’s Sampson plant, as well as additional regional wood-pellet production facilities that may be built in the future.

Domes are an ideal bulk-storage option for wood pellets as they store a large volume in a smaller footprint, stacking product deeper than a silo of similar dimensions. For storage on a port, domes can be engineered with innovative foundation systems that provide ample support on soil near the water. Domes are also less likely to experience fires because the interior is truss and support free—the fewer the horizontal surfaces, the fewer places for dust accumulation.

For more information on domes and wood-pellet storage, click here.

Image via WECT.