Drax video details dome-buiding process

For anyone who’s wondered how a site with a dome functions, this 10-minute video courtesy of United Kingdom power generator Drax and Shepherd Construction details the process from start to finish.

The 3-D animated video centers on Drax’s Selby, England, site and begins by highlighting the stages of dome construction, from tunnels to headhouse to dust-extraction system and more. It concludes with simulation of how biomass is conveyed into the storage domes and eventually discharged.

In 2012 Dome Technology built four domes for Drax, each capable of holding 80,000 metric tons of biomass. Dome Technology’s team was responsible for the overall design of the dome system, including reclaim tunnels, floor slabs, upper and lower ring beams, dome shells, and waterproofing.

For more information on this project, see our Drax project summary.