Dome Technology wins shotcrete award for corporate office

As part of the 12th annual Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards held Jan. 17 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the American Shotcrete Association awarded Dome Technology with an honorable mention for the construction of its corporate office in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

“The office is a stunning achievement in concrete thin-shell construction. We gave it a 100-plus-year roof, water tight and fully insulated, and we uniquely heat and cool the building utilizing geothermal energy,” said Dome Technology Vice President of Engineering Jason South.

South and Vice President of Construction Bryan Butikofer made a presentation about the project and accepted the award at a banquet. According to the ASA website, the awards program showcases the versatility and benefits of the shotcrete method. ASA annually recognizes projects of note where shotcrete is significant to the overall scope of work.

Dome Technology sought an architectural style for its new office that would complement its cutting-edge engineering and construction. “It’s a modern office with an industrial flair,” project manager Daren Wheeler said, adding that visitors can’t help but notice the open freespan area.

Two noteworthy features in the office are the heating and cooling systems, both of which are housed within the concrete. All heating is achieved through in-floor radiant heat with hot water routed through the floor in multiple zones for flexibility in climate control.

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