Dome Technology shares current projects

The jobs keep rolling for Dome Technology. Here is an update on some current projects:

Two DomeSilos for Bridgesource, a division of Clyde Companies, have been built in Ogden, Utah, USA, and work is continuing inside on specialized systems. Fly ash will be pneumatically conveyed to one of two domes, the centerpiece of the storage facility. Each dome is 108 feet in diameter and 120 feet tall with a capacity of 25,000 short tons each. Reclaim will be 99 percent live with a DCL aerated floor system and side discharge. The DomeSilos will also be capable of transitioning to cement storage if necessary.

Dome Technology is wrapping up construction on two salt-storage domes for a client that utilizes eleven salt-storage facilities along the many miles of roadway it maintains in the northern United States. These new domes are identical to one built last year for the company. Working with repeat customers is a luxury Dome Technology often enjoys and is a testament to the team’s efforts in building solid client relationships.

Dome Technology recently completed a wood-pellet project in the southern United States. This new facility includes two storage domes standing 90 feet in diameter and 135 feet tall. Both can store 10,000 metric tons apiece and are designed with a live reclaim floor, which will help optimize operational costs, said sales manager Lane Roberts. Product will be reclaimed on a first in, first out basis, and the domes have state-of-the-art safety systems, including aeration and nitrogen, heat sensors, and gas-monitoring sensors.

Construction is underway for repeat customer American Crystal Sugar’s new DomeSilo in Montgomery, Illinois. This dome, with a capacity of 60,000 metric tons, is being built adjacent to an existing dome from a previous collaboration between the companies. The new dome is 184 feet in diameter and 146 feet tall, similar in size to the DomeSilo Dome Technology built for the company in 2017. Fabrication of the tube gallery, which extends between the domes, was completed in the Dome Technology shop located on the same campus as company headquarters.

Dome Technology is also busy with two overseas projects, including one on a remote island in the Indian ocean.