Dome Technology participates in Latin America’s largest mining fair

Dome Technology participated in Expomin October 25 to 29 in Santiago, Chile. Expomin is Latin America’s largest mining fair, and the conference highlights storage solutions and latest technology available in the marketplace. According to Expomin’s executive director Francisco Sotomayor, the five-day conference topped 40 thousand visits.

As one of 1,000 exhibitors, Dome Technology was able to educate attendees on the benefits of reinforced-concrete dome storage. “Many people did not know exactly what a concrete dome is, and they confused us with metal domes,” Dome Technology business-development manager Victor Ruiz said, adding that steel domes are common in Chile. “They are mainly used for containment of dust, without adding any kind of storage value, space reduction, or greater durability, like our domes.”

According to Ruiz, South America is a world leader in raw-material production, and he said he expects domes will become a key part of the continent’s growing modernization process.

“We live in a globalized world, where production centers are increasingly distant from consumption centers. Therefore, intermediate storage becomes a key process in any logistics chain, which today can no longer allow the product to deteriorate during processing. For this purpose, the reinforced-concrete domes are the most reliable, efficient, safe, environmentally sustainable, and profitable bulk-storage solution for almost any industry that works with bulk materials,” he said.